Semi-Private Events

| reserve our party room during studio hours |

Another Option for Anyone (kids or adults)…
The front of our studio is for walk-ins and reservations for groups of 1 – 6. We know sometimes there may be a special celebration, a need for more privacy or more than 6 in your group.  So here is a twist on our private events…if you want to reserve our party room during studio hours, you are welcome to do so.

Our party room is 12’ x 17’ with two tables, bench seating at each & we have a bar that runs the length of the room with 6 bar stools. We can comfortably seat 12 adults/teens and can certainly squeeze a few more if needed and if you are ok with “the more the merrier” motto.

Here’s the advantage…you have guaranteed seating, which is a wonderful thing during our busier times.

Here is the catch…the length of time for this room is 2 hours, as in TWO hours. Since we have a party schedule and often fill up on weekends with back to back parties, we strictly adhere to the scheduled start time and end time. A minimum of $225 (before tax) must be met collectively by your group. Previous purchases do not apply. As long as your minimum is met, your deposit will be applied towards your balance, otherwise, your deposit will be converted to a room fee, in addition to the pottery/glass painted/fused during your event.